About Us

BGC company was started in 1983 by Glen and Liz Berry, it was first called Big Bull Productions and Game Calls, later it was changed to Berry Game Calls. Glen Berry’s name is synonymous with Elk Calling and designing hunting calls his success out in the field on public land has been extraordinary, in 2020 Glen killed his 60th Bull Elk with archery equipment. In 1985 he shot and killed his first Bull Elk on video, the VHS tape was named “Bugling with Success” the video was real and educational. Berry Game Calls has sold their products throughout the Northwest and Canada and has helped hunters become more successful. Berry Game Calls started sharing more of their elk calling techniques when Glen produced programming for the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and the Men’s channel. Glen and his son Chad have been a big part of Berry Game Calls VHS and DVD bowhunting series. Glen has also been a seminar speaker sharing his elk calling techniques at the largest Sportsman shows and sporting good stores.

Glen Berry 2020 60th Bull Elk with archery gear and using BGC
Glen Berry with a great Washington Bull he called in with (BGC) Golden Dome Large Bull and Golden Tone grunt tube