About Us

Glen Berry Washington Bull on a D-I-Y  hunt in 2016

 Glen Berry name is synonymous with elk calling in 2016 he shot his 55 bull elk with Archery equipment,  Glen produced his first VHS tape in 1985  called ‘Bugling with success’  Montana guide schools used this tape and any new elk video’s he Released to help teach their students Glen’s elk calling techniques.  Glen has Produced programming for the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Men’s channel and has been a big part in Berry Game Calls VHS and DVD Bowhunting Series.   Glen is a seminar speaker at the largest Sportsmen shows in the Northwest for the past 30 years. Glen’s creative call designs lead to innovation for Berry Game Calls, hunters have been using these calls for the past 30 years with great success. Glen and Liz Berry established Berry Game Calls in 1983