Thunder Bugle Pro


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Thunder Bugle pro 
Thunder Bugle Pro dimensions are 4″echo chamber down to 1.5″corrugated tube on the mouthpiece end. The Thunder Bugle pro has the same 1.5 inch Corrugated tube as the thunder bugle for easier carrying and directional pointing with an 4″ echo chamber to help get an bull elk grunts and growls, the tones roll out easier on the new Thunder Bugle Pro. The thin replaceable RT-Reeds snap into the mouthpiece in seconds. With four different types of RT-Reeds you can produce a variety of sounds quickly. Simply blow a breath of air through the call and apply top lip, bottom lip, or even tongue pressure and you will be producing tones so easily. Measures 23″ in length.

Thunder Bugle Pro
Thunder Bugle Pro Includes a white RT-Reed install in the mouthpiece, black RT-Reed, green RT-Reed and red RT-Reed included in the Package also comes with stretchy cord lanyard, camo cover and a cap to protect the RT-Reed.